Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleepy Man

William has only been taking one nap lately and that means he's usually tired at dinner time!

Harvest Time

It was time to bring in the garden produce!

Carrots just picked

Onions ready to be cleaned

tomatoes and peppers (yes those are black bell peppers!) and 1 little summer squash. These are all from plants our neighbor gave us!

At least I got 1 pumpkin!

William next to our 2 baby watermelons!

Onions drying out

Carrots with the tops removed and dirt cleaned off.

The Lost is Found!

I looked through the whole house for the third time and finally found my camera behind the couch! I HAD looked there a couple times before, but somehow didn't see it! I'm just glad it's found. I have to remember to keep it up higher than William can reach (which nowdays is pretty high!) I also happened to find an amber bracelet that had been missing for some time (in the girls' room!)

TIAS Day 7

Miscellaneous Pictures

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Hate Losing Things!

I was going to take a picture of my TIAS projects last night before going on to doing Day 8. But I couldn't find my camera! I had it Wednesday night when I took the picture of my TIAS projects. I think that I had it sitting on the end of the couch along with my pattern. I've looked in all the "usual" places, but William likes to carry things around, so if he got it, there is NO telling where it could have gotten to! The girls say they didn't see it yesterday. I guess I could scan the tatting, but you can't scan a kid! The last thing that I couldn't find anywhere (my crochet hooks) turned up almost 2 months later in the girls toybox!

TIAS Day 5 & 6

Here are my TIAS projects through day 6.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Works In Progress

With the extra work lately on the "butt sweaters" and Civil War outerwear, I haven't been working on my other projects as much!

Here is where they stand:

Double Knitting

I think I may do one more apple in reverse to finish the bookmark.


These are crocheted "Little Fire Longies" that I'm testing. The back is going to be fuller/bigger to accommodate his diaper (see it hanging below the front?)

And the longies I started quite awhile ago using the handpainted merino I did!

Butt Sweaters

I had another sweater from Goodwill that I wanted to use for soakers and longies for William. This one is 100% lambswool and SO soft. It wasn't shrunken, so it feels thin.
The weather was turning colder and one of his few soakers was dirty, so I really needed to get these done!

Sweater before
Pattern pinned on.
Cut out
On William

Now I have this left
I picked out the seams on the sleeves.
And cut out two soakers
I added to the sides as I didn't think it would be wide enough
I used the neckband ribbing for the top of this one!

I was going to add to the sides, too, but couldn't figure out how to with the little bits i had left! It's a little tighter, but still fits!

After shots:

A pair of longies and 2 soakers for $3.29.

Not bad, not bad at all!
and this is all I had left of the sweater!

The soakers/longies work great even with them being thinner.

Child's Play

Here are some pictures of the kids having fun!

Hide & Seek

When I was sewing, Emily would say, "Count Mommy" and so I'd start counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Ready or not, here I come! And Emily would be on the computer chair the whole time giggling!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

William Eating Lasagna!

(he was tired, so kept rubbing his eyes)

Making Dinosaurs with Grandpa

TIAS Day 3 & 4

Here are my TIAS projects up through Day 4. It makes me think of a candle and Dan said it looked like Baby Jesus in the manger.

Civil War Outerwear

I decided that the kids needed to have warm outerwear for this year's reenactment since the weather is unpredictable in September and we were planning on camping at the event. I was also making Dan a new pair of pants with plans to make him a great coat. Our plans took a sharp turn as the Civil War "coordinators" decided to not invite my parents (who had been the coordinators until these people took over) because they didn't follow the rules (big lie!). So we decided to just do a "walk-on" and show up for a little bit on Saturday. It ended up raining the WHOLE weekend! So it wasn't that big of a loss to not do the whole weekend. We still did a walk-on, but didn't stay long.

Sarah's cape

Back View

Emily's cape

Back View

Emily's wool wasn't very thick, so I lined her cape.

This shows the outer fabric and the lining.

William's saque (coat)

Wearing their Civil War clothes.

Modeling their new outerwear

In the car on the way there.