Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Romanian Point Lace Candle

I made a Romanian Point Lace candle ornament for the WMLG's Christmas exchange. The meeting in December got cancelled due to the weather, so we had the exchange yesterday.

First, I drew out a pattern
Basting the cording down to the pattern

Ready for joining the ends and parts that overlap or touch.

Ready to start the needle-lace fillings

(I changed the bars between my loops on the candle as it didn't work the way I'd drawn it)

Removed from the pattern

I hung it on our tree for effect

I put it in this gift card holder for the exchange. It fit perfectly in the dent meant for the gift card.

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Tie-Dye Yarn Longies

I have sidetracked myself from my Tie-Dye Yarn longies so many times, I decided I should update you on where I started!

I used left over dye from tie-dying t-shirts to dye some wool yarn.

The yarn was balled up and ready to knit on August 20, 2008

Here was my progress on the longies on Sept 5, 2009.

And finally finished on January 10, 2009! I knew I was going to run out of my tie-dyed yarn, so I bought a coordinating color (its actually a bright turquoise color) to make wide cuffs to make them long enough.

Sarah's Knitting

I have tried to teach Sarah to "knit" with a loom before and she didn't quite get it. She saw our earlier attempts last week and wanted to try again. I had gotten a better loom to make it easier and sat down to teach her again. This time, she got it.

Sarah can do all the parts alone:
Wrap the yarn around,
"Scoop" the loops,
"bind off"
but she prefers to let me wrap the yarn as its faster!
Sarah and Carrie with the hat she knit.

Close up of the hat.

Cute Pictures of William

I've been saving this pictures of William until a time when I didn't have a bunch of other things to post about. But I never seem to post unless I've collected a bunch of things to post about, so I will just post them!

As soon as Dan gets home from work, Will is right there ready to put on Daddy's boots!

William on the potty. Yes, his feet are in the potty! He doesn't do this anymore, though, now that he learned to back up and sit instead of climbing on and turning around!