Thursday, June 28, 2012

4H Fair 2012

We made our annual trip to the fair today, coinciding with their kids' day.  We rode over with my parents, but they had to leave before we were finished looking around, so we walked home ☺


We ran into Sarah's best friend ☺

Face painting...or in this case, arm painting

A Snake

Emily loves getting her face painted,
but after having had one full face butterfly, she wants that kind every time

Happy camper

The kids loved the baby guinea pig

But then mommy moved and there were 4 more babies under her ♥

Donkey taking a dust bath

Mr Peacock was showing off ...

...for his lady

Andy had to come see the tractor

We also ran into some friends from church

Just as I went to take the picture, the girl in the pink walked in and blocked my shot!

Andy was commenting on how the sign matched the real horse ♥

I can't get over how grown up Andy looks in some of these pictures!

I went to take this bunny's picture and he wanted to see what I had!

He moved back after discovering I didn't have anything he wanted

Checking out Mommy's entries

When we were almost home, we came across this Turkey Vulture

They are huge birds!