Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And the Garden Is In!

I took pictures of my garden all last summer, and never posted ANY pictures!  So I want to be sure to post them this year!  My rototiller has been out of commission the last 2 years.  The first year, I planted a couple tomato plants and a couple pepper plants.  Last year, I still wanted a full garden, so I hand turned it all (in 80°+ temperatures!).  This year, we found out a friend from church would be able to fix it, so we hired him to do it and he had it fixed in 2 hours!  Dan tilled the dirt this afternoon and the boys and I planted the plants after dinner.

The garden area after we burnt the branches that were piled on it

Dan tilling the soil

We rescued a toad from the tiller

All done ☺

Bed 1, front to back: Blank area for the kids to dig in, cucumbers, heritage seeds from reenactment, watermelon

Bed 2, front to back: carrots, beans, yellow squash, corn, cantelope, sunflowers

Bed 3, front to back: tomatoes, bell peppers, pumpkin, onions, potatoes, zuchini

My sprinkler has some issues!

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