Monday, August 23, 2010

Danish Festival 2010

Thursday, August 19th

The Danish Festival starts out with a free concert in the park (the last in the summer series of free concerts) with the Danish Festival Band.

They always march down the hill to the park.

The High School was having marching practice, so they followed them down the hill.

Andrew loves music!

Friday, August 20th

Our booth was closer to the playset this year, so we could sit at the booth and still keep an eye on the kids playing.

This meant the kids went over and played a lot more than they normally did (since before someone would have to go and watch them)

"Kevin" sliding down the slide.

Sarah working on her loom knitting.

snack time

The three older kids and I went on the free transit bus to look at the downtown booths.

Emily & William were pretty excited about riding a bus!


In the evening, we met Dan at the park where the free concerts always are for the free kids activities.

They have a new bounce house.

Sarah was the only one that would go in, though!

Andrew showing me his star through the peep hole in the sunshade of the stroller.

Andy coloring his star!

temporary tattoos

a butterfly

and a dragon (aka dinosaur)

Andrew wasn't too upset about staying in the stroller, until he saw the big pile of LEGO!


Watching the Fairy Tale Parade (aka the kids' parade, or the little parade)

bed races

Saturday, August 21st

The whole gang gathered for the parade (minus my mom who stayed to watch the booth, and of course my sister's family who lives in Arizona!)

The Grand Marshall was my High School orchestra teacher (he also taught band)

the Danish Festival court

GHS marching band color guard

our mascot

The theme this year was "The Princess and the Pea" (They usually go with a Hans Christian Anderson book!)

There were several horse drawn carriages.

Andrew slept through the first 1/3 of the parade.

There were also several movie/ story/ comic book characters.

Peter enjoying the parade!

More Princesses with Peas!

Sarah showing me how she does the rock wall.

rest time

Emily just waking up

Andrew just discovered that Emily was awake!

A little corner of our booth

lunch time!

Sunday, August 22nd

One of our church families is moving to Kentucky, so we had a farewell lunch for them.

looking for grasshoppers!

We went to the craft sale after the meal was finished. The sale wasn't open as late, either.

Grandpa with a couple of sleeping boys!

I sold $54 worth of things this year, which is quite a bit more than I normally do! I sold 5 of my Friendship bracelets.