Saturday, May 30, 2009

Extreme Tatters Round Robin--Round 3

Here is what I made for the last mailing of my Extreme Tatters Round Robin. This one has a beach theme! It is for Camille.

I still haven't received my 2nd or 3rd mailings yet. Hopefully they'll come soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip to the Mall

We went to the mall on Tuesday to do a few errands. While we were there, we went to "Build A Bear" to make a bear for Andrew. We had gone and made one before Sarah was born and then made ones for Emily & William at home from a kit we got at Sam's Club.

Stuffing him

Warming up his hearts (one from each of the kids)

Giving him a bath.

Dressing him.

Here are the 4 kids' bears. Sarah's is missing his shorts as they were MIA for the picture.

The mall has a play area for kids, so the kids played there for awhile, too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Woolies

I have finished up some different wool projects and figured I should share them.
Wonderpants shorts for Andrew. These are little for when he's first born.

Sheepy Sack for bedtimes, so I don't have to get tiny legs into leg holes at 3:00 am!

Sarah asked me to knit some pants for "Tina". These are what I came up with.
Tina modeling her pants!

Sarah and Tina

I figured I should make Emily's doll some pants, too.
Emily's "Tina"

Emily and her doll

Bath Time!

Sleepy Man

Saturday when I went to tell the kids it was nap time, I found William asleep in the chair in the living room!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snap Trainer

I have been working on perfecting a training pant for William that has elastic around the legs that opens with snaps so it is easy to get off if we have messy accidents. I made one using a prefold, but the elastic didn't turn out quite right. Then I made one out of an old towel. These have no waterproof layer, so he'll wear them with his wool pants/shorts or alone.



It has 2 layers of knit terry, plus 2 of the towel.

Front view

Side view

Back view

65th Anniversary

My mom's parents celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary on Friday. We had a party for them on Saturday.

Their 4 girls

All the family that was there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Celtic Dream Weaver put out a challenge to design a tatted sheep. I couldn't turn down the challenge and set to work on making a sheep. I started on Sunday evening and finished him this afternoon. I did him in pearl cotton 8 and he is about 3¾" x 3 ". The pattern isn't typed up yet.


I got the curtains for the girls' room done.

Close up of the fabric

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wonderpants Shorties

I decided that I wanted to make William some training pants with elastic around the legs and no plastic, which meant I needed to make him some wool shorties to go over the top! I had this camo yarn left over from buying a new skein for the 2nd leg of the Little Fire Longies I tested. I used the Wonderpants pattern which has short rows in the rear. I've never done short rows, but the pattern has great pictures and it wasn't hard to figure out. These shorties went really fast!

I like how the crotch shaping works so you have more stitches to work with so it doesn't pull funny.

Side view shows how the back is bigger than the front.

I added Owl Pockets which I had tested for Wonderpants.
(I'd never done cables before, either!)

And to show they are functional pockets!

William wearing the new shorties.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bunk Beds!

We switched the girls over to bunk beds yesterday. I needed to have the bed Emily was using to turn back into a crib for Andrew, plus Sarah wasn't going to fit in the toddler bed much longer. We found this bunk bed on Craigslist including the mattresses (inner spring ones, too!) for a really good price. They needed to be re-glued and the wood was beat up and written on, so they got a coat of white paint, too.

It isn't a very big set of bunk beds, but the room is small and the ceilings low, so they fit in the room well.

It didn't come with a ladder, so for now, Sarah has to climb over the end.

Emily all snuggled in on the bottom bunk. (She would probably do okay without a rail, but she's never slept in a bed all night without one yet)

We also got 2 bookshelves from Menards for the girls' books and toys. I'm going to make new curtains, too, but hadn't gotten them done, yet.