Monday, June 29, 2009

Pool Time

This past week has been in the mid 80's to 90°, so we set up the pool. Sarah likes the "big" pool, Emily was okay as long as I was there holding her hand, and William didn't like it because it felt cold (and he didn't want to wait long enough to get used to it). So Emily and William content themselves with the little pool!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Cousin

My sister had her baby on Wednesday, June 24th--Grandpa's birthday! The kids were excited to see him. William kept petting him and Emily would have held him all day if she was allowed!

Birthday Bash Flooded Out

If you are local to me, then you know what I'm talking about, but here's the background!

The radio station that we usually listen to has an annual free concert. Dan & I went one time before we had kids, but haven't since. The last few years, it has been both Saturday and Sunday. We decided that we would like to go on Sunday this year. We stood in line for the free tickets (which are required for entry) in the rain for about ½ an hour. The day before the concert, it rained and the river started flooding. Then the town upriver opened the flood gates to relieve the pressure on the dam. This caused more flooding! The DJ's were telling people all day to move their cars from certain areas and then they called off the rest of the day about 4 hours early. Then they cancelled the Sunday line-up. So much for being able to go, but we're thankful we aren't one of the thousand cars still stuck in the flood water!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Silly Son

Emily found her dress from Sunday and decided to put it on. William then decided he should wear Sarah's.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Turtle Visitor

The other day, Dan spotted a turtle on the road near our house. By the time the kids got outside, it had made it across the street. I brought it over so the kids could see it. The turtle didn't want to come out of its shell, so I picked it up again so the kids could peak in and see his head and legs inside the shell.

Vacation Bible School

I wanted to post about the week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) that our church just finished. I decided to break it up into individual posts for each day to make it easier. I was in charge of the crafts and Dan did the AV and PowerPoint programs.

Monday we had 21 kids and 7 salvation decisions
Tuesday we had 27 kids and 2 decisions
Wednesday we had 28 kids and 2 decisions
Thursday we had 33 kids and 1 decision
Friday we had 33 kids and 2 decisions

For a total of 44 different kids and 14 decisions!

Here are some pictures of the preparations for VBS:

VBS - Day 1

Opening songs

Our "tour guide", "Timothy" (aka Cody)

Craft time - sand art

William doing sand art, too.

All the sand art lined up

Dad telling the Bible story


Radio caller for skit

Finished crafts (close up)

VBS - Day 2

Craft time for the younger kids. They made coffee filter butterflies. These are done the same way we did the flowers at home.

Craft time for the older kids. We ended up switching to a different craft as the 1st one wasn't working right!

Games - water balloons!

Memory book time

Saying Bible verses

"Dorcas" (aka Bethann) telling the story.

Pastor giving the invitation.

Finished crafts (the blue cross with yellow border is from Day 3)

VBS - Day 3

Opening song time

Older kids' craft time

Penny telling the story

Finished crafts. The younger kids did the foam "God is Love" crosses and the older kids did the "fuse bead" crosses.

VBS - Day 4

Craft time

More crafts


Michelle telling the story

Finished crafts.

VBS - Day 5

Emily eating her snack.

Crafts and snack time

My nephew, David, (from Arizona) helping with crafts

My niece, Marissa, (also from Arizona!) helping with crafts.

Steve telling the story.

Finished craft (including a miniature version for Will!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation Gifts

Its the time of year for graduations. Our church only has 1 girl graduating this year, but I was invited to the open house of one of my former students who used to go to the same church as I did (neither of us go there now, though). Both of these girls were in my very first class of Kindergartners! I decided to make an extra bookmark just in case I see any of the others that were in that class, too!

The pattern is my own, although I start in the middle of the top chain (and just tie the ends together for the tassel) instead of at the ring like I have in the pattern.

The pink cross is made from Anchor #20 and I had to stop quite often for the thread to unwind.

The green cross is made from Omega #20 and was fairly easy to tat with.

The multi-colored one is made with Lizbeth #20 and was easy to tat with.