Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hand-Me-Down Soakers

I realized that the rainbow soaker that I made for Emily last summer fits William now!

Here is a picture of Will wearing it.

Here is the picture of Emily wearing it!

I took the picture of Emily on 7/25/07 and the picture of William on 7/26/08!! So Emily fit it at 16 months and William at 8 months!

My Pedicure

The girls wanted to have their toes painted so they picked out their colors and I painted their toenails. When it came time to do my toes, the girls wanted to do them, so I decided to let them!

Emily did the left foot and Sarah did the right foot.

Aren't they pretty!

Baby Birds

The girls were pretending to be baby birds, so I made them a blanket "nest".

flapping their "wings"



Here are some shots of flowers from our yard.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Park Party

Our area TV station always does a series of free "Park Parties" during the summer. Everything to do is free and there are area businesses that have freebies as well. We went a couple years ago when they came to our town, but Sarah was sick so we missed out on a lot. This year they came to a nearby town, so we braved the 90° temps to go (all the other weeks were A LOT cooler, but further away!)

This is "Ruthie". She makes the rounds of all the parades and etc. in our area.

Bean bag toss


Bouncing fun!

The girls being "Fighter fighters" in the fire truck.

This is a local group that was on "America's Got Talent" and is going on to the next step in Las Vegas!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Kidz

Our church does AWANA during the school year, but during the summer, they have a different program which we call Summer Kidz. This week, they did a piƱata.

4-H Fair

We always take the kids to the fair to see the animals. They really enjoyed seeing them and petting some. You will notice that Emily is in ALL the pictures--she was especially into the animals. Although to be fair, Sarah wasn't feeling well.

The back of the front seat in our double stroller folds flat (so baby can sleep). I can then get all 3 kids in the one stroller!




Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pool Time

We got a little "Easy Set" pools with the inflated ring on the top since the girls were bigger and ready to learn to swim.

Sarah wanted to try it out the day we set it up. She was in basically only long enough for the picture since the water was COLD!

Here the girls are in the pool once the water warmed up.

Emily wasn't very happy with the new pool, so I dug out the one from last year. Here she is sitting in the baby pool I got out for William!

Sarah swimming

William loved his baby pool!

Emily prefered the baby pool, too!

Emily is cleaning out the smaller pool from last year.

Sarah and Dan playing volleyball.

William in his baby pool with a baby beach ball.

The blue small pool didn't hold it's shape, so I dug out the next smaller size pool and Emily liked that one!


While my sister and her family were here from Arizona, we went to my parents' house a few times to visit. They had a lot of branches from their recent landscaping, so we decided to do a bonfire and make smores.

William enjoying the bonfire.

Emily spent the first part asleep in the wagon.

The cousins playing on the tire dragon

William having fun with Grandpa.