Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Time!


1st tulips!


Tulips open

I still have pink Hyacinths!  I thought they were gone!

The forsythia don't have as many blooms this year

Playing in the rain = go straight for the puddle!

Emi with a worm

Andy with a worm

Will with a worm

Everyone with their rescued worms!

Spring also means acorns all over the lawn.  I've already spent 3 hours picking them up and have more to go!

Planting seeds

Camping out in the boys' room during the power outage.  Emi is sleeping on Sarah's arm!

Seeds planted and waiting to grow

Andy checking out the seeds

The kids found a robin sitting in the flower bed

Andy can't quite make it go by himself, but he loves to sit on the Stider Pre-bike!

The robin

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hand Dyed Yarn

With all this left over Easter egg dye, I couldn't just dump it!

I dug out a skein of white wool yarn and un-skeined it (is that a word?)

Tied it loosely

dipped each "corner" in one of the primary colors and microwaved for a minute, rested for about 5 minutes, and then microwaved another minute

primary colors done

dipped remaining white areas in the secondary colors

Isn't it beautiful??

Hung to dry

since I still had dye left, I did my last skein of white wool, too!

I don't know for sure what I'll use the yarn for since I hope that I don't have to make any more wool pants!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recycling Art Project

 Sarah had an optional project for school to use recycled items.  She decided to make an elephant.

The paint really added to the project!

More Easter Activities

Here are some more pictures of Easter Activities:

Jello eggs

Yum Yum!
Dye-ing eggs