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"A Conflicted Betrothal" by Denise Weimer


About the Book

Book: A Conflicted Betrothal

Author: Denise Weimer

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: June 11, 2024

A King’s Ranger, a secret patriot, and a love that calls everything into question.

As a King’s Ranger on Georgia’s frontier, Ansel Anderson loves his independent life. But he’s also a second son, which means he’ll need the favor of someone influential to secure a land grant to settle his future. What better way to win support than by marrying the daughter of a member of the Governor’s Council? Yet Ansel’s straightforward plan is complicated by Miss Scott’s aloofness and his own growing sympathy for the passionate cause of the Liberty Boys.

As drawn to the enigmatic Ansel Anderson as Temperance Scott might be, he’d be more of a match for her feisty twin sister—who is all too happy to oblige. Not only would timid, nearsighted Temperance make a poor wife for a man trained for life on the frontier, but anyone she allows close to her must share her secret patriot ideals.

When Savannah erupts into riots and intrigue following the passage of the Stamp Act, Ansel is tasked with identifying a spy passing sensitive information to the Liberty Boys and the author of anonymous letters threatening those loyal to the governor. And as suspicions focus on the Scott family, which is he prepared to sacrifice—love or loyalty?


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My Thoughts 

I enjoyed reading this book. I found it to be well written and easy to read. I enjoyed seeing what life in the colonies was like before the War for Independence. I had never really thought about how people's beliefs were along a spectrum and not just polar opposites of each other. I look forward to reading the next book in this  I look forward to reading more books by Denise Weimer.

About the Author

North Georgia native Denise Weimer has authored over a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas—historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and time slip. As a freelance editor and Acquisitions & Editorial Liaison for Wild Heart Books, she’s helped other authors reach their publishing dreams. A mother of two daughters, Denise always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses.




More from Denise

The American Revolution That Almost Happened a Decade Earlier:

The Setting for A Conflicted Betrothal

Savannah, Georgia, 1765. Sedition, secret letters, spies, and Sons of Liberty. An absolutely irresistible combination for an author of historical romance! All this intrigue centered around the passage and implementation of the Stamp Act.

The crowning grievance after a series of increasingly repressive acts levying taxes for Britain, the act required an imprint on official papers or a small blue paper affixed with tin foil to a document, including bills, calendars, warrants, deeds, court documents, commercial papers, degrees, newspapers, pamphlets, ads, almanacs, indentures, appointments, and even cards and dice. Anyone breaking the Stamp Act would be tried in admiralty court in Novia Scotia. Colonists objected to not having a local trial by their peers and because English parliament, not the local upper and lower colonial houses, set the tax.

Savannah seethed with discontent while awaiting the appointment of a stamp master and the arrival of the stamps.

Then a sensational article in the Georgia Gazette revealed that four local citizens had received letters signed by “the Townsman” accusing them of being the stamp master or having stamped papers in their possession. The men were instructed to publicly advertise their innocence or risk grievous results.

When protest and riots speared by the fledgling Liberty Boys repeatedly erupted, the governor called out his Royal Rangers to quell the potential rebellion. But the rangers and the militia were riddled with secret patriots, many of whom were the sons of prominent loyalists. Imagine being in the position where you are sworn to serve and protect—only, you suspect you may be on the wrong side.

That’s what happens to my hero in A Conflicted Betrothal. Georgia Royal Ranger Ansel Anderson is summoned from his frontier post to provide intelligence to his father’s friend, a loyalist judge. To obtain the land grant he needs, he’s also to court the man’s daughter, an ardent patriot. Patience Scott has no intention of letting herself fall for a sworn King’s Man…until anonymous letters threatening those loyal to the governor corner her into agreeing to a betrothal. But will their attraction to each other survive their conflicting loyalties?

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"Bold of Heart" by Susan K. Beatty -- Author Interview

About the Book

Book: Bold of Heart

Author: Susan K. Beatty

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: May 28, 2024

A reporter, a rich man, and a chaplain walk into a mystery…

Tamzin Murray has three goals: Follow Jesus. Control her no-filter mouth. And no romance. When her friend offers her a job as a reporter on the South Pacific Suamalie Islands, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start. But when she’s forced to meet the handsome, wealthy investor, she not only finds herself involved in a love triangle, but also a dangerous mystery.

When Wentworth “Sully” Sullivan’s yacht is sabotaged, he did not expect to fall for the reporter covering his story. Especially since his experience with women has mostly been with gold-diggers.

Émile Durand is too shy to date, but when he meets his sister’s new coworker, he can’t help his attraction to her. And the more he helps her out of scrapes, the further he falls in love with her.

As the mystery becomes more dangerous, and the more their hearts get entangled, how will Tamzin, Sully, and Émile get out of the messes they’ve put themselves into?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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Author Interview 

 ***Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?
I wish I was a plotter, but every time I try to develop a detailed outline of my plot, I go
bonkers and practically die of tedium. I begin with a general idea and where to start and
how I want the ending. Maybe I know a couple of the plot points. But I start writing and
sometimes the story just flows, sometimes I get blocked because I don’t know where I
want to go next (this is definitely not the fun part), and often my characters just start
acting out on their own (this is the really fun part).

***Do you need to be in a specific place or room to write, or you can just sit in the
middle of a café full of people and write?

Once I was volunteering at a writers conference, with a couple hundred folks milling
about, and my author friend, Chautona Havig, sat right in the middle of the chaos and
wrote. I was amazed. Gathering research and ideas in the middle of a coffee shop is
okay. But to be creative, I need privacy and quiet. I have two laptops, and I use my Mac
for creative writing only. Both computers are tied down in my office with so many cords
(external monitors, external keyboards, etc.), I rarely make them portable. Thus, 90% of
my fiction writing takes place at a specific desk with a specific computer in my home

***How long does it usually take you to write a book?
I seem to be the slowest writer ever. Being a pantser, not a plotter, I spend a lot of time
in the beginning figuring out where I’m going by writing, so that takes extra time. Even
when I’m on a roll, I can write only about 1200 words a day. Then, I let life get in the way
of my writing all too often. So, the short answer to how long does it take me to write a
book is “a looooong time,” perhaps a year for an 80,000+ word novel or four to six
months to write a novella of 50,000 words.

***What is your work schedule/routine when you write?
My routine changes depending on the stage of writing. When I’m first developing my
ideas for a book, I may not write at all, other than content for blogs, newsletters, and
social media. When in serious writing mode, I start the day with devotions/Bible reading
and coffee. Then I take care of business (emails, social media, etc.), because I can’t be
creative until I get those often-mundane tasks completed. By early afternoon, I sit at my
appointed, creative-writing-only MAC laptop, edit the previous session's text and then
write until my brain won’t cooperate anymore, usually about dinner time.

***Do bits of yourself/friends show up in your characters?
Oh, yes, indeed bits and pieces of myself, friends, and family show up in my characters.
For example, in my younger days, I was a newspaper reporter like Margo in my
Suamalie Islands series. I, too, suffered from insecurity when asking questions of news
subjects. My daughter’s strength and spiritual tenacity during her 13 1/2 -year breast
cancer journey shows up in several of my novels/novellas that include breast cancer
thrivers. I also “borrow” from celebrities and their movie roles. I fashioned my Suamalie
Islands character Steve Grayson after Elvis in his movie Speedway, in which his
character’s name was also Steve Grayson. My Steve Grayson is a racecar driver, but
not a rock ‘n roll singer.

About the Author

Susan K. Beatty is in her third career—from journalist to homeschool tech writer to her life-long dream of becoming a novelist. She is proof you can start a new writing career late in life. Susan released her first published fiction in September 2019, and now an awarding winner author, this is her third novel, with several novelettes and short stories to her credit. She is passionate about finding courage through faith and grit. Susan lives with her husband of forty-nine years in Southern California. Add children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to the mix and she has little time for her favorite hobbies of reading, watching classic movies, British crime dramas, and traveling.


More from Susan

I love to follow my characters from struggling with a character flaw (or two or three) to victory, even if it isn’t complete. Yet. It blesses me when I see the characters becoming bold and courageous through following Christ and with the support of those around them.

Yes, I know I’m talking as if they do this without my help as the author. And, in some respects, that would almost be true. I may have an idea what the character is going to say or do next, but often what appears on my computer monitor is not what I expected. Yes, as if they had a mind of their own.

Such is the case with my three main characters in Bold of Heart. I had planned that Tamzin would fall for one character, only to have her go for the other one. Then there was of who was Sully’s bad guy. Again, I thought was going to be one character until another character shot to the forefront. And Émile? I didn’t expect him to be so bold. It would be a spoiler if I gave more detail here. (Do you hear Simon Legree-like laughing here?)

I’ve known a couple people who just have no filter on their mouths, but still good-hearted, well-meaning folks. Thus, Tamzin’s major character flaw. Getting her to the Suamalie Islands, and away from her prime example, her mother, for a fresh start, gives Tamzin a chance to work on softening her remarks.

How can a hospital chaplain be shy? Well, that is Émile’s issue. Actually, he’s only shy outside of the hospital room. Near women.

I’ve never been wealthy, and don’t expect to be, so I had to imagine how our millionaire Sully could be wary of dating. It didn’t help he’d already been through an unpleasant experience after his wife passed away.

Love triangles are a familiar Christian romance trope, but to keep it from getting sticky, I threw in some mystery and suspense. It was a bonus that the experiences helped the characters develop their bold hearts.

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"Breath of Bones" by Nathan and Tricia Goyer -- Author Interview

About the Book

Book: Breath of Bones

Authors: Tricia Goyer & Nathan Goyer

Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy

Release date: June 18, 2024

When darkness falls, a new guardian emerges.

Kateřina Dubová has always aspired to walk in her father’s footsteps as a respected journalist, and the Second World War presents a unique opportunity for her to prove her worth to the world. A tip about an assassination attempt on a high-ranking Nazi official, Reinhard Heydrich, the “Butcher of Prague” leads Kateřina into the shadows of the Nazi occupation. Soon she discovers things are not as they seem.

As intrigue unfurls, Kateřina joins forces with Josef Loew, a descendant of the famous Rabbi Loew, renowned for creating a mystical guardian in the form of a golem to protect the souls of 16th-century Jews in Prague. In the chaos of war, some believe a new golem can once again bring help to those in need.

Like flickering candles in the abyss, Kateřina and Josef work to protect the innocent and end the evil that plagues their world. Yet, in their quest to save the Jewish people, have they inadvertently created a new danger? Could the very entity they had forged to protect become their greatest enemy?


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Author Interview 

 1. Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?
Nathan: A little of both. Writing together with Tricia has been a unique
experience. While we get down and plan everything out in the
beginning, there are plenty of times when one of us comes up with an
idea, and the other goes “Hey, let’s take that idea even further” which
enhances the story in many ways. I believe what has worked for us
the best is to come up with a solid plan, but remain adaptable when
inspiration hit us.

2. What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?
Nathan: For me, the hardest part is the middle point of the book, the
half-finished manuscript. Starting off is easy, you have lots of ideas
and are ready to go! Finishing is also easy, everything you wrote is
there so you just need to fill in the gaps. But every time there is this
middle point where you’re trying to flesh out all of your thoughts into a
coherent story, and that is pretty challenging.

3. What would you say is the easiest aspect of writing?
Tricia: For me, the easiest part of writing is definitely coming up with
ideas. I find myself having a dozen ideas a day! It's like my mind is
constantly buzzing with new concepts, characters, and plots, just
waiting to be explored. Harder is knowing which one to focus on!

4. Do you need to be in a specific place or room to write, or you can
just sit in the middle of a café full of people and write?

Nathan: When it comes to juggling all the things in my life, I’ve gotten
to the point where I can write just about anywhere. If I waited for a
quiet evening with no interruptions at all ... Well, I’d never get a
chance to write. But I will say it is a lot easier to write when at the
very least someone isn’t talking to me.

5. Where do you get your ideas for your books?
Believe it or not, I got the idea for this book while I was just sweeping
near my bookshelf, which is full of my favorite books about Prague.
During this simple task, it hit me: why not combine the Jewish legend
of the Golem with my interest in WWII stories? I shared this idea with
my son, Nathan, to see what he thought. When I told him, his reaction
was immediate and enthusiastic. He said, "I love it," and that was all
the encouragement I needed. So, together, Nathan and I created
"Breath of Bones" This project was special because it was a joint
effort, combining our interests in folklore and history. Our goal was to
make a story that was engaging and meaningful, reflecting on the
themes of resistance and survival during the tough times of war.
Working on "Breath of Bones" brought us closer and allowed us to
explore a unique blend of mythology and historical events, making it a
memorable project.

6. What is your work schedule/routine when you write?
Tricia: For Breath of Bones, Nathan and I did most of our writing in the
evenings and on weekends. He works full-time–with other part-time
work, too. I have multiple book deadlines, homeschool our youngest
three kids, and also am the caregiver for my 94-year-old Grandma.
Often, Nathan would come over to our house after work, and we’d talk
about ideas and then work on different parts of the same book. Nathan
did most of the first draft, and I often went in and filled in scenes. Of
course, I was also known to change things up–which is always
interesting when you have two people writing the same story!

About the Authors

Tricia Goyer is a celebrated writer, speaker, and co-host of the Daily Bible Podcast. Author of 80 books, Tricia has won four Golden Scrolls, two Carols, and a Christian Book Award. In addition to Christy and Gold Medallion nominations, her book sales exceed 4 million copies. Tricia is a highly sought-after conference speaker, sharing on writing, parenting, and purposeful living. Tricia’s most recent work, Breath of Bones, is a historical steampunk fantasy co-authored with her son Nathan Goyer.
Nathan Goyer is an upstart designer and science fiction author, who has been writing since he was young. He has written the novel Bask: City of Shadows and solo-developed the mobile RPG game Heedless, which has surpassed 30,000 downloads. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arkansas Little Rock, he is now pushing forward with new endeavors, starting with his newest novel, Breath of Bones, which he wrote alongside his fellow author and mother, Tricia Goyer.

More from Tricia and Nathan

He Said/She Said: Behind the Scenes with Breath of Bones

By Tricia and Nathan Goyer

Writing Breath of Bones turned out to be one of the most surprising and rewarding adventures I’ve ever embarked on. Let me take you behind the scenes of how this all came to be.

It all started when I decided to treat myself to something special for my 50th birthday: attending the Realm Maker’s Conference with my son Nathan. I’ve been writing books for years, over 90 of them actually, but I’ve always stuck to what I knew best. Speculative fiction? That was Nathan’s thing, not mine. But, there we were, surrounded by an incredible community of sci-fi and fantasy writers and fans. It was inspiring..

Reconnecting with my old buddy Steve Laube at the conference was a highlight. “Come to the dark side,” he joked when I marveled at how amazing everyone was. I laughed it off, but little did I know how prophetic his words would be.

After that second conference, something strange started happening. Ideas began bubbling up in my mind, and they were far out of my usual writing lane. The trigger? Believe it or not, I was doing something as mundane as sweeping near my bookshelf, filled with my favorite books about Prague, when I got an idea. That’s when it hit me—blending the Jewish legend of the Golem with my love for WWII stories. When I shared the idea with Nathan, his eyes lit up. “I love it,” he said, and that was all the encouragement I needed.

The idea really took shape when I ran into Steve Laube again at another conference. I pitched it to him during my keynote, and his enthusiasm confirmed my need.

The most surreal part of this whole journey? I first met Steve when I was pregnant with Nathan. When Nathan and Steve were introduced, Nathan joked, “No wonder your voice sounds familiar.” I thought that was perfect!

It felt like things were coming full circle. I was writing a book in a genre I never thought I’d explore for an editor I’ve admired for decades, alongside my son, who, in a way, met Steve alongside me all those years ago.

Breath of Bones is more than just a book to me. It represents stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing a new genre with the help of an incredible community, and the unique joy of collaborating with my son. It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to try something new. Also, the support of friends and loved ones can turn even the most daunting challenges into rewarding journeys. I hope this story inspires others as much as it inspired me during its creation.

He Said:

Writing Breath of Bones was certainly something I never expected to do. I had been trying to get my mother Tricia to write speculative fiction for a while, but I never thought she’d do it! It’s been very interesting to see her come to embrace the more fantastical side of writing.

When she asked me to write the novel with her, I was excited to do so. Writing something like this was right up my alley, of course, but co-authoring was a brand new experience that comes with its challenges and plenty of rewards. I really think it pulled out the best of both of us. What emerged is a story neither of us would have ever written on our own.

I may be revealing some of our secrets here, but when we first started writing, the only fantastical element in the whole book was going to be the Golem itself! I was proud of Tricia when partway through writing, she said, “This feels like another historical fiction book, we need to do more.” From then on, we dug in and got creative. There is so much to discover, and I can confidently tell you there is plenty more excitement to come as the Clockwork Chronicles continues.

I will also say Tricia isn’t the only one stepping out of their comfort zone. It’s been a learning experience for me to write within the bounds of actual history! Sure, there are spider tanks and giant machinations, but much of the story comes from people’s real experiences at that time and our carefully crafted characters who needed to take on these challenges. I loved both learning and writing about the true history. In fact, my favorite scene I wrote had no Steampunk at all. (But I’ll keep which scene a secret. No spoilers here!)

Writing Breath of Bones has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I’ve absorbed a lot of information writing alongside such an experienced author and have loved seeing the characters and storylines I created come to life in such interesting ways. Above all else, I hope all our readers can get lost in the world of Breath of Bones and go on an adventure they won’t forget anytime soon.

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To celebrate their tour, Tricia nd Nathan are giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

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"Chaos We Unravel" by Chelsea Michelle

About the Book

A woman’s scream. A mysterious fire. And an entire town of suspects.

Fourth of July was a day twins Chelsea and Michelle looked forward to every year. In Maple Springs, it meant a day of community, celebration, and family fun.

When chaos erupts in the heart of the town picnic, Michelle cannot resist the urge to straighten it out. While she starts to chase down leads, Chelsea tries hard not to be drawn into the chaos.

As sunset falls, Michelle is determined to unravel the chaos before the real culprit escapes. With each clue she discovered, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, turning an ordinary Fourth of July into an adventure that Chelsea didn’t sign up for.


My Thoughts

I enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and easy to read. Being a novella, it is a fast read, as well. I love Chelsea and Michelle and seeing their differing personalities come into play through the story. Their internal conversations are fun. It would be best to read "Hours We Regret" before reading "Chaos We Unravel" just to get the full picture of who Chelsea and Michelle are and how Kyle fits into the whole story. I liked the mystery and trying to solve it along with the characters. I look forward to reading more books by Chelsea Michelle. 

About the Author

Christian authors, Amanda Tero and A.M. Heath bring you faith-based, cozy mysteries under Chelsea Michelle.

Amanda Tero grew up attending a one room school with her eleven siblings—and loved it! She also fell in love with reading to the point her mom withheld her books to get her to do her chores. That love of reading turned into a love of writing YA fiction. Amanda is a music teacher by day and a literary guide by night, creating stories that whisk readers off to new eras and introduce them to heroic but flawed characters that live out their faith in astonishing ways.

Visit Amanda Tero at

A.M. Heath is the author of the 2022 Selah Finalist, Painted Memories and 2023 Selah Awards Finalist, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. She enjoys writing stories that entertain while feeding the soul in contemporary and historical settings.

When away from her desk, she’s a faithful member of her local church where she teaches a ladies’ Sunday School class. She is happily married and raising four kids while embracing the small-town lifestyle and tightly woven family bonds.

Visit A.M. Heath at

Purchase  Here 

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"Psalms in Rhyme for Little Hearts" by Donna Wyland -- Author Interview


About the Book

Book: Psalms in Rhyme for Little Hearts

Author: Donna Wyland

Genre: : Picture Book

Release date: 2023

The sky is like a large blue tent

stretched high above the sun,

that floats and falls from end to end

and warms till day is done.

~ Psalm 19:5-6

Young hearts will cherish the sweet rhyme contained in Psalms in Rhyme for Little Hearts as they are gently guided to a closer relationship with God. From beginning to end, the colorful childlike illustrations bring the psalms to life and inspire children to hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Uniquely created for children ages 4 – 8, this book of scriptural poetry will inspire children to sing praises to God and help them understand and remember God’s constant presence and powerful promises. And, for parents who want to lead their growing children to the original Bible psalms, they are included at the end.

Whether for morning devotions or nighttime prayers,

Psalms in Rhyme for Little Hearts will bless children seeking to know the Lord

and provide a foundation for intimate spiritual time

with parents, grandparents, and others.


Click here to get your copy!

Author Interview 

1. Do you have a special writing area? I am blessed with an office of
my own that is set up in a way that inspires me. I am surrounded by
personal items that are meaningful to me, framed quotes that inspire
and encourage me, and shelves of books (including my own) that
remind me of this incredible journey I am on and the blessing it is to
me and to those who read my books.

2. How do you balance writing time with the demands of
life/family? That is the $20 million question. Today is the last day of
my daughter’s and grandson’s most recent two-week visit, so not
much work was done. As I’ve prayed about this in the past, I’ve
always felt God calling me to put people/relationships first – not to
ignore the work, but to prioritize appropriately. God, Family, Write. I
trust Him to work out the details. There are times I need to tell my
grandson I can’t play a game for an hour or two, but for the most part,
I am available and present and grateful for my family and my writing

3. What kind of research do you do? I spend a lot of time in the Bible
and online researching ideas for the end of the book where we often
provide learning opportunities for children related to the story they
just read. The newest book I’m working on correlates the light inside
of us with starlight. Surprisingly, stars and humans have many of the
same properties, though in varying degrees! There is so much wonder
in the world that I believe God is just waiting for us to discover.

4. Do you have any writing quirks? Hmm… writing quirks. I suppose
the fact that I seem to need my pink thermos of iced coffee next to me
when I write could be considered a quirk. I also have specific pens that
I prefer to write with if I’m at a café or bookstore. I can be a bit old-
school when it comes to office supplies. Don’t even get me near a
Staples. My budget will go out the window, and my office will be
overrun with legal pads, pens, highlighters, gold paperclips, and pretty
shiny things like neon post-its. When beginning a new story, I prefer
to use a fresh legal pad of paper which means I have oodles of used
legal pads that I am not inclined to write on. They become our
household note pads and get filled with grocery lists and the like. 

5. What is different about writing non-fiction vs fiction? Would
you say one is easier than the other? This is a great question.
When I’m writing nonfiction, it is critical to get the facts right. A bit of
“creative license” can be incorporated, but only a very little bit.
Nonfiction means fact, and that means a lot of research. With fiction, I
get to create the story. The “research” takes place in my own mind. I
can get as imaginative as I desire, and as a result, the story can easily
inspire imagination in children. My “Tag Line” describing me as an
author when visiting schools or autographing books is “Entertain.
Encourage. Inspire.” That is my goal with all my writing whether I’m
writing fiction or nonfiction.

About the Author

DONNA WYLAND is an award-winning author, busy mother, grandmother and friend. She is the author of ‘Twas the Night Before Jesus, a best-selling children’s picture book and is a contributor to many inspirational essay collections. Donna lives and writes at her home in Southwest Florida and her condo overlooking the ski slopes in Steamboat, Colorado.





More from Donna

“More than 30 years ago I discovered the meaning of the Book of Psalms. Whether I was struggling or celebrating, God led me to individual psalms that encouraged and comforted me and gave me the strength to persevere. It is my heart’s desire to see children learn the power and peace of the psalms early in life so they, too, will turn to God’s Word when they need hope and comfort, or they are searching for the right words to praise Him for His blessings and favor. This book of rhyming psalms protects the biblical meaning of each psalm while putting the message in a child’s vocabulary with rhyme to help them remember.”

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Blossoms and Blessings, July 2 (Author Interview)

Lots of Helpers, July 2

Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations, July 3

Life on Chickadee Lane, July 4

Labor Not in Vain, July 5

Texas Book-aholic, July 6

Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess, July 7

Vicky Sluiter, July 8 (Author Interview)

Library Lady’s Kid Lit, July 9

Locks, Hooks and Books, July 10

For Him and My Family, July 11

Cover Lover Book Review, July 12

Guild Master, July 13 (Author Interview)

A Reader’s Brain, July 14 (Author Interview)

Mary Hake, July 14


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