Friday, September 21, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Civil War Reenacting Through the Years

I decided to collect the group pictures I had of us doing Civil War Reenacting.  Some of the time Dan had to work, so it was just me and the kid(s).  You will recognize the outfits as they pass from child to child!

2004 - Wearing a maternity corset while pregnant with Sarah




2007 - Sarah gets her big girl dress


2009 - Emily gets her big girl dress

2010 - Will gets knee pants and tunic


2012 - Will gets big boy outfit, Andy gets knee pants and tunic

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grand Rogue Encampment 2012

This year for the Grand Rogue Encampment, we were in a different spot, so it took a little getting used to.  Over all, I think the new location is nice, although a lot easier to hear the noise of other participants late at night when trying to sleep!

One of the trees had these cool bracket fungus on it

To show the size better, I took one with my hand in the shot

William playing chess with Grandpa

Andy kept pointing out the "naked boys"


Sarah knitting a dishcloth

Sarah playing with her cousin

Our friend Stuart the blacksmith

This was the kids' favorite spot all weekend!

They had a Native American wedding (renewal of vows)

Proof we slept there ☺

Mist on the lake in the morning

Opening Ceremonies

Waiting for the booms


One of the other participants kept pointing out things to our kids, these turtles were one of them along with a bald eagle (which sadly flew out of the frame of my picture)

Grandpa & Grandma dressed in their Sunday best

Family picture

Emi was just sitting on the rocking horse singing and didn't even see me taking her picture!