Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barbie Cake Tutorial

Emily had seen a Barbie cake at the store and really liked it, so I decided to make one for her birthday.

Gather supplies

Cake made, bowl greased and floured

But the cake mix only filled the bowl half way!

So I made another one

But I didn't think about how you need to leave space for expansion (I blame it on me being sick!)

Wrap doll's legs in plastic wrap

The cake wasn't tall enough, so I added some of the cake that had spilled over

But the piece split when I added the doll (nothing was going right that day!) so I cut more pieces and covered it all with frosting!

All done (finally!)

Emi's reaction made all the work worthwhile!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emily is 5 Years Old!

 Emily is 5 years old!  Here are some pictues from her birthday party on Sunday:


gift from Grandpa & Grandma

gift from Uncle Dean & Aunt Lisa
gift from Uncle Jason & Aunt Rachel

gift from William

gift from Andrew

gift from Sarah

Writing pad, colored pencils, stencils from Mom & Dad

stuffed horse purse, stuffed doll, and new clothes from Mom & Dad

the party fare

Emily ready to blow out her candles

Emily with her Barbie cake Mom made for her

the kids posing with a big icicle from our front porch.  Will has the tip and Emi has the base

Andy didn't want to be getting his picture taken

Monday, March 28, 2011

Final Farewell

Sunday was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to not only our Pastor and his wife as they are retiring, but also to our church. With Pastor retiring, we decided the best thing to do was dissolve the church. We had only been averaging 20-25 people (including 7 kids and teens), so there wasn't enough people to be able to go on.

Once the weather warmed up a little, there was always many box elder bugs in the entry

 The boys and Emily liked to pick them up and put them outside

Emily wasn't involved this time around, but I wanted to capture the ritual on "film"

For our final service, several families that had attended in the past came as well as friends

There were 50 people in attendance

It was also Mrs. Whittenburg's birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to her

gifts of appreciation


  And of course the fellowship