Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Was Inspired

I got this shirt for 18¢ and decided I wanted to wear it to church,
but what to wear with it?
At this point it was 5:00 and we needed to eat dinner, get baths taken,
 and night time devotions done!

I dug through my stash and found this fabric
I decided to do a wrap skirt since it didn't require seeing if I had a zipper and I didn't feel like having an elastic waist.  I used the math from this site.  I rounded my top measurement up (It was X.3" and I figured it would just make it roomier.)  It turned out my fabric wasn't big enough for the pieces (unless I wanted my skirt 15" long!), so I had to piece the 2 front pieces.  Then I cut two pieces identically instead of mirrored and I didn't have enough fabric to cut another, so that went in the underneath part!  Then when I was sewing, I sewed a seam wrong sides together, so I had to pick it out, and then I sewed the left side to the right side piece so I had to pick out a seam again!  Next I had to figure out how to get my ties out of the pieces of fabric left over....

I had enough that was on the selvedge that I just tucked
the raw edge under and sewed the selvedge edge over the top

I made one tie string WAY to long!
 I figured it for wraping all the way around my waist instead of just my back

The waist was puckering (so much for it just being roomier!), so I added darts.
This also shows the buttonhole for the tie string to go through

2 hours later, I was All Finished ☺  (this picture was taken in the morning, though,
 since I wasn't going to wake up one of the kids at 11:00 to take it!)
(of course, had it not been so late and I didn't make so many mistakes, it would have gone much quicker!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Expanding My Comfort Zone!

I was asked to sing in a women's ensemble for special music at church.  I had played with "The Amazing Strings" numerous times at Amazing Grace and sang in a special music ensemble, too, but Pastor Whittenburg was always in front directing and there were only a small number of people not on stage with me!  So this was a very new, rather scary, thing for me to do!  But I survived and we're actually singing again the first Sunday in August!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Neighborhood Bible Time - Day 4 & 5

My teaching partner.
 I actually babysat her and her brother a few times when they were little!

Making Wordless Books

Musical chairs

making a "pie"

Looking good, Mr. Nick!

Spirit Cup



Friday night awards ceremony

Sarah got 2nd in her class ☺
 (Emily got 3rd in her group, but they didn't go up on stage)

Junior group Bible drill championship round

The evangelists, Mr. Matt and Mr. Nick

Beautiful sunset on the way home

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Neighborhood Bible Time - Day 2 & 3

I didn't get much variety in the pictures I took for Bible Time because I was with a specific group, but here are the ones  I did get:

Our faithful pianist

God formed Adam from the dust of the ground

Adam named the animals

"Wow, is that for me?"  Adam meets Eve

And they were married

Cookie Time

Having a "picnic" for the Bible lesson

Sarah's best friend was able to come on Wednesday! ☺

Balloon blowing contest - who's balloon will pop first?

Mrs. Condron's is much bigger!

And Mr.Huey's balloon popped first!

Sarah was one of the kids who brought 2 visitors

Andy joined the preschool class on Wednesday and he was MUCH happier!

Duck, duck, duck......goose

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah's 7th Birthday

Sarah actually had 2 birthday parties.  One for the extended family combined with 2 cousins and one at home that happened to be on one of the garage sale days so Grandpa & Grandma were here, too.
Sarah and cousin Katherine who is a month older than her.

The party was on cousin Samantha's actual 1st birthday - July 4th!

Birthday cake I made for the older 2 girls

Samantha and her cake

Sarah was a little excited (if you couldn't tell!)

I made a cupcake cake for Sarah's home party.  (William took the pictures of me making it - and, yes, he's 3½ ☺)

Sarah and her cake

Andy wanted to be in the pictures with Sarah, so I let him join her when I was done

So Emi joined in

and finally William!