Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah's 7th Birthday

Sarah actually had 2 birthday parties.  One for the extended family combined with 2 cousins and one at home that happened to be on one of the garage sale days so Grandpa & Grandma were here, too.
Sarah and cousin Katherine who is a month older than her.

The party was on cousin Samantha's actual 1st birthday - July 4th!

Birthday cake I made for the older 2 girls

Samantha and her cake

Sarah was a little excited (if you couldn't tell!)

I made a cupcake cake for Sarah's home party.  (William took the pictures of me making it - and, yes, he's 3½ ☺)

Sarah and her cake

Andy wanted to be in the pictures with Sarah, so I let him join her when I was done

So Emi joined in

and finally William!

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