Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Activities Part 4

This post actually contains several different activities, but I decided to go ahead and just post them all together. 

School's Spooktacular Family Night:

The student council had a pumpkin carving contest (which we never got any info home about).  Will had mentioned something about it while I was doing something else, but I thought it was something they were doing in his class.  So Monday morning before the bus came, I carved a mini pumpkin.  Will wanted to use the face he'd drawn on his own mini pumpkin, so I carved it, too.  Emily entered the first pumpkin.

Will's pumpkin won for "Smallest in the K-2 division"

Emily's pumpkin

Family friendly haunted hall

Class Parties:

Sarah's class didn't have a party (She rotates between 4 teachers), Emily's teacher originally said they weren't going to have one, either, but then ended up having one but it was the same time as Andy's party.  So I got to help with William's and Andy's parties. 


All the painted pumpkins

Will's is the one in the back row with the long stem


Downtown Trick or Treating:

Emily with her "Friend Snake"  We had to go over so she could hold it

Residential Trick or Treating:

We have only gone trick or treating door to door one other time (our church usually ends up having special meetings the week of Halloween), but we were able to go this year (Dan even took the day off from work).

My sister's family

Trunk or Treat:

Sarah's friend's church has "trunk or treat" and fun activities, so since it was raining, we decided to spend some time there.