Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Parties

June was the month for birthday parties! Since my sister, Amy, was visiting from Arizona, we decided to have a joint mini-party for the three cousins born within a month of each other. It was also my nephew, Noah's birthday (Dan's brother's oldest) and my niece, Anna's birthday (my sister, Rachel's 2nd)--the same day, just a year apart!

The Triplet Cousin's Party

Hello, Uncle Dean!

Here are the "Triplet Cousins"

Left to right:
Katherine (June 7), Naomi (June 21), Sarah (July 9)

I was putting stuff in the car and needed somewhere to put Will, so I put him in the trunk!

Noah's Party

Sarah and Noah with William in the background.

Emily getting ice out of the cup.

Jonah checking out the gift opening.

Anna's Party

The birthday girl.

The girls getting giggly.

William hanging out with Uncle Matt.

The whole crew!

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