Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wonderpants Shorties

I decided that I wanted to make William some training pants with elastic around the legs and no plastic, which meant I needed to make him some wool shorties to go over the top! I had this camo yarn left over from buying a new skein for the 2nd leg of the Little Fire Longies I tested. I used the Wonderpants pattern which has short rows in the rear. I've never done short rows, but the pattern has great pictures and it wasn't hard to figure out. These shorties went really fast!

I like how the crotch shaping works so you have more stitches to work with so it doesn't pull funny.

Side view shows how the back is bigger than the front.

I added Owl Pockets which I had tested for Wonderpants.
(I'd never done cables before, either!)

And to show they are functional pockets!

William wearing the new shorties.

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