Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Flowers

My crocus flowers usually bloom the end of March. This year it was the middle of April before they finally bloomed!

This is all the Forsythia blooms we have so far!

On April 17th, the Daffodils are about to bloom.

As are the Hyacinths.

The Tulips are just peeking out.

On April 22, after a few days of rain, we have more Forsythia blooms...

And the Hyacinths are blooming

and the Daffodils,

and a tulip is starting to bloom.
We even have some of these flowers growing already!

On April 27, we cut the tulips that wer blooming and brought them inside.

1 comment:

mattswife1990 said...

Ah, it's been a slow start to spring for you! I heard that Marquette had a foot of snow early last week!! :( (Not by our house, though, since the wind always blows it away...)

Your flowers are beautiful! I'll bet you're all good & ready for some color after the long winter, huh?

Amy :)