Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Bench Seat for Blueberry

We went to the junk yard on Tuesday to look for a "new" bench seat for the back of the van. A couple of the vans the right style had "Stow and Go" seats which didn't work for our van. The only other one left had a split bench. It was listed for $85 for each side, but we got it for $100 total. I washed them on Wednesday and now we're good to go!

The seats look a little blotchy from being washed/wet.
The original seats are more gray and the "new" one is more tan. But they work for a place to put the butts!

All ready to go!

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mattswife1990 said...


On Wednesday, Matt found us some seatbelts to go with the "new" bench he'd found at the same junkyard earlier. Now our Suburban seats eight, like it was meant to!

Congrats on the new wheels! And the seat to complete it. :)

Amy :)