Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Wool Yarn Stash

I think I have enough wool yarn! Since I have all the wool longies/shorties from William, I don't really need to knit any more for Andrew. Although I will need to knit some shorts for next summer since William was only in wool for 1 summer (I have him in training pants with plastic attached since the cloth only ones don't have elastic at the legs which doesn't work well for the poopies!) I also would like to make at least 1 more sleep sack (so I can alternate)

Here is the stash!
This is all Paton's Classic Merino (most bought on clearance) except for the bottom row, which is 100Purewool.

First 2 are "Paprika",
Last 3 are "Camel"
The yellow was used for waistbands on the Yellow Jacket pants I made for the 3 kids, so is mostly full. The next 2 are small leftover bits from making the pants. The next hasn't even been wound into a ball! The last is "Gentleman" and never used!

2 balls gray heather, 2 balls black, 2 balls white
(all new)
The colors showed up weird for these, since the first 3 are hunter green, then a royal purple, last is "Denim Marl" (also all new)

These are my partial skeins.
1st was used for ½ of 1 leg of Little Fire longies, 2nd was the waistband for the same pair,
3rd was just the cuffs on Tie Dye longies,
4th is pretty used as I made shorties with it,
5th is mostly full (I think I made a pair of breastpads)
After I took the picture of my stash, I remembered about these!
On the left are Lion Wool from Wal*Mart I got on clearance, the ones in plastic bags I got for $1 each, planning for Patriotic longies.
Even after making some newborn shorts for right away, some more sleep sacks, and shorts for next year, I think I will have a lot of yarn left! I guess I could make something for reenacting, but we haven't done a lot of that lately! I think I need a brainstorm!

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Ed & Dottie said...

That is a lot of spare yarn. Are you going to knit some CW socks? Mom