Sunday, April 19, 2009


With the soon to be arrival of Andrew, we needed to get a larger vehicle as we can only squeeze the 3 carseats into the Stratus we have. We have been keeping our eyes open for inexpensive vans and when my sister, Amy mentioned they had gotten a "new" vehicle at an auction, we started looking into that option. We went to a State Surplus auction on Saturday to try and get a vehicle. They were going for more than we were hoping for and bid on 2 different vans, both of which sold for the next bid after we stopped. We decided to go a little higher and won the next van we tried for.

It is a 2002 Dodge Caravan. It has been dubbed "Blueberry"

It is a very basic model without power locks or windows. The only way to open the rear liftgate is with the key.

It does have a cassette player and cruise control.

It only had the middle bench seat, so it currently only seats 4.

The middle seat can be all the way to the left or to the right. Since the tracks are the same in both the middle and rear positions, we assumed that the middle seat could be moved back the same way that we had seen some vans with the rear seat moved forward. (we were wrong!) We are going to try and get a rear seat at a junk yard.


Ed & Dottie said...

We kind of wondered if you might go with Blueberry for a name. Now we need to get Patches out of your way. Love Ya, :)Mom

Amy :) said...

Hey, I like your van! Our first ebay van purchase was one the same color as Blueberry. We only kept it for a year before picking up our current Dodge Grand Caravan (also on ebay), but we still miss the color of that first one.

We were able to find a rear bench for our Suburban at a junk yard, but when Matt got it home, we realized it has no seatbelts! So, we are looking for seatbelts at junkyards now. I'll bet you can find a Dodge 3rd row pretty easily at a junkyard. :)

Enjoy your roomier vehicle!!
Amy :)