Monday, August 2, 2010

Andrew's First Birthday Party

We had Andrew's 1st Birthday party yesterday because my sister, Rachel and her family will be in Florida for his actual birthday.

Humpty Dumpty cakes.

Little one for Andrew and
big one for everyone else.

based loosely on this wall art hanging above Andrew's bed.

All ready

Andrew was having an "I need Mommy" day.

present from William

Opening present from Sarah

present from Emily

present from Uncle Dean & Aunt Lisa

We had to wake Emily up for the party (it took quite a bit, too!) and she was groggy for the first while!

present #1 from Mommy & Daddy

present #2 from Mommy & Daddy

present from Grandpa & Grandma

look I can get in all by myself


I didn't get a good picture of Andrew with his present from Uncle Jason & Aunt Rachel, but here it is (the snake) with the other 3 kids' chairs. (Age order from left to right)

Andrew in the "Happy 1st Birthday" bib I made before Sarah's 1st Birthday.

"Happy Birthday to you..."


playing with the new toys

reading books

playing in the boys' room

story time with Grandpa

This is the only picture I got of Andrew and Peter together.

The kids all sitting in the chairs that Grandpa made them.

He made rocking chairs for some of the 1st born grandkids, but I asked if he'd make one for each of my kids so they would have their own since Sarah didn't want to share hers!

They are all different

a rocking circle


Amy :) said...

How fun to see the beautiful chairs, all eight of them! :) Looks like a fun party...

Amy :)

Burtonbunch said...

Loved seeing all the pictures--amazing how big all the kids are getting! Cool chairs!
Love, AM

Mieal Deneb said...

Becky, I keep meaning to bring our paint pens and redo the details on Sarah's and Emily's chairs. Sometime if you'd like to bring them over here, I can redo the details for you. Or, I'll try to remember and bring them over sometime!