Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Newest Craft "Craze"

This weekend is the annual Danish Festival for our town. We have tried to sell things at the craft sale in years past, so when I ran across an idea for friendship bracelets, I decided to make some to see if they would sell. I had to make some patterns for the bracelets to get what I wanted!

These are done basically like you would do intarsia knitting! Only since it is done with knots, the other color is inside the knot instead of carried along the back.

Another type of bracelet is done just like you would do Josephine chains in tatting! I thought it was sort of funny how I kept comparing this technique to my other crafts.

What I have made to sell. (Plus the Best and Friends ones pictured above)


tattrldy said...

These all look very good. I really like the American flag ones! I hope they sell well.

H J Hess said...

These are SO cooooool! All of the designs are lovely. You did very well. I know I would buy from you if I were to go to the Danish Festival in your home town.
May they sell more quickly than fresh-off-the-skillet aebleskivers!

Susanne said...

Very interesting work you've done and I hope they will be sold quickly.
Of course I like the one with the Danish flag the most, it is as pretty as aebleskivers are yummy. :-)
Enjoy the festival.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

These are absolutely fabulous! I remember making these like crazy when I was in high shcool but they weren't nearly as awesome as yours. I especially love the American Flag...well done!