Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emily Learns to Tat!

So after Sarah learned to tat, Emily wanted to learn also.  I dug out 4 shuttles and 2 colors of size 10 thread and got the 2 girls both set up to tat.  Emily isn't quite as smooth as Sarah was after 30 minutes of practice, but she is only 6, also.  Sarah also has learned to knit before tatting, so that may have helped her as well.


tattrldy said...

Wonderful! She seems to really enjoy it. I'm so glad you got this on video, it will be fun to look back on this later.
Congratulations to Emily! *high five*

Orange Grove Nursery said...

Looks like she's having fun. Andy sure is noisy! lol


Burtonbunch said...

Love how you are teaching your girls this skill! Grandpa Jones would have been thrilled!! Cute little kids, too! Good going, Emily!
Love, Aunt Marge