Friday, June 1, 2012

A Tale of Two Weddings

A couple of weeks ago, we had 2 weddings to go to on the same day.  Our pastor's daughter and my cousin (who was born when I was about 20)  We were gone from home 12 hours and it made for a very long, tired day, but we managed!

Our pastor's brother did part of the ceremony

Proud Papa

Pastor's turn

With this ring

Unity Ceremony (with two colors of sand poured together)

I love the grins on their faces ☺
(Clicking on the picture will make it bigger)

Favors at the reception

They had crayons and paper for the kids to color with

My cousin's wedding ceremony only lasted about 5 minutes, so I don't have very many pictures:

The far ring bearer is my cousin's son (nephew to the bride)

The blonde flowergirl in the back is the sister to the ring bearer

Carved food ☺


tattrldy said...

Such a busy day. Both weddings looked lovely though they were so different from each other. Wishing both couples wonderful lives together (with their respective spouses, of course!:) )

Amy :) said...

How beautiful! I love the photo of the little girls in front when the first bride was tossing her bouquet. :) Sarah's dress is so cute! :)