Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sarah Broke Her Arm (again)

I was just getting dinner on the table Tuesday evening when Sarah was going around the corner, tripped on the cord to the fan and did a flying dive/fall onto the floor.  I rushed over and saw that her arm didn't look right and sort of freaked out!  I said, "It's broken, it's broken!" as I backed away and Dan came in.  By then, Sarah had pulled her arm into a more normal position.  We got the kids packed up and rushed to the ER.  They did x-rays and sent us to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital since they don't deal with that type of break.  We got to Helen DeVos about 9:00 and they took her to surgery for a "closed reduction" where they put 2 pins through her bones to hold them in place.  We got to her room about 11:00 pm.  Praise God that it happened on the 1st of Dan's days off and that my parents hadn't yet left for their trip to the U.P. (for those of you not in Michigan, that would be the Upper Peninsula) so they could watch the other 3 kids. 

You can see her elbow doesn't look exactly normal

Splinted for the trip to Helon DeVos Children's hospital

Waiting Area at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Sarah after the surgery

Sarah with her blue cast with sparkly glitter

Sarah hanging out waiting to be discharged

Sarah's "throne" since she got home


Burtonbunch said...

Thanks for the broken bone story---the pictures were great to see. Isn't that Children's Hospital something else!!! My kids like to go to play in the lobby downstairs!!! Hope her recovery is without any further events! Love, Aunt Marge

Tammy said...

Oh dear! Hope it heals quickly!

Karen said...

Thankfully, children's bone heal quickly - however to a new tatter it may seem to take too long! Blessings, Karen

Maureen said...

Sad to have broken her arm just when it's your summer holidays! - it won't be the most comfortable of times for her.
One of my sons broke his arm(s) THREE times before he was 14!

Ladytats said...

tough break. not a good spot for it. hope it doesn't get too warm, she will be uncomfortable. blessings for a quick healing.

Orange Grove Nursery said...

OUCH. Helen DeVos...great hospital, but I've had my fill of it this past October with Peter having to be there nearly a week! I hope Sarah's feeling better.