Friday, September 19, 2008

Butt Sweaters

I had another sweater from Goodwill that I wanted to use for soakers and longies for William. This one is 100% lambswool and SO soft. It wasn't shrunken, so it feels thin.
The weather was turning colder and one of his few soakers was dirty, so I really needed to get these done!

Sweater before
Pattern pinned on.
Cut out
On William

Now I have this left
I picked out the seams on the sleeves.
And cut out two soakers
I added to the sides as I didn't think it would be wide enough
I used the neckband ribbing for the top of this one!

I was going to add to the sides, too, but couldn't figure out how to with the little bits i had left! It's a little tighter, but still fits!

After shots:

A pair of longies and 2 soakers for $3.29.

Not bad, not bad at all!
and this is all I had left of the sweater!

The soakers/longies work great even with them being thinner.


Katidids said...

Wow, thosee are great! I need to make some longies for grand baby due in feb,,,,think I might do this instead! I love how you were able to use the whole you've got me started on another project LOL

zarina said...

What a fantastic idea. Too bad that here in Malaysia the sun always shine.