Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meeting the Newest Cousin!

We went to the hospital Saturday to meet my brother's newest baby.

Sarah meeting Julia.

Emily giving her a kiss.

The girls holding Julia.

William kept wanting to "pet" her!


Amy :) said...

It's fun to see how excited your kids were to meet Julia for the first time! I especially love how the girls are holding her together. The look on Sarah's face in the second-to-last photo is so sweet. :)

I'm always amazed that you can bring your kids to see the newborns there! At Marquette General, the only kids under 12 allowed in the unit are siblings.

Not sure how it is at the hospitals here. I guess we'll see on Saturday, because I'm going to be with a friend from church when she has her C-section. (I'm *so* excited!!) Matt will bring her older daughter along later, and our kids will be with him. We'll see if the hospital gives them any trouble...

Becky said...

That's interesting about Marquette General not letting anyone in under 12 except for siblings! We've always just walked in and no one has said anything! At least at St. Mary's (where Rachel & Lisa deliver) and United Memorial! I know some kids who'd be bummed if they didn't get to see the new baby!