Monday, November 19, 2012

William's 5th Birthday Party

William turned 5 on Friday.  I brought treats (Pilgrim hat cookies) into his class on his birthday and we had his party on Sunday.  If you want to see the post about his birth, look here

Will's class singing to him

Will's teacher passing out the treats

Yummy ☺

Will's first "big boy" Lego! (from Mom & Dad)

More "small" Lego from Dean & Lisa

Long awaited craft supplies from Grandpa & Grandma

Puzzle from Andy

Book from Sarah

Still more Lego from Rachel & Jason

Suncatcher paint set from Emily

Hmm, what is this big thing?

A giant foot!

It's a huge frog

Will's main present from Mom & Dad

I think the smile says it all

Admiring baby Anthony (who is wearing an outfit William wore as a baby)

checking out his toys

Surprise, it's a rainbow cake! (look for the tutorial here)

Rainbow cake and Scooperman icecream

painting his suncatcher

Putting his Lego together

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