Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adding Pockets to a Coat (Tutorial)

We got a coat free from somewhere (I don't recall anymore where) and William loved it.  It, however, needed a new zipper and it didn't have any pockets (other than 2 smallish breast pockets).  I picked out the stitching on the front edge of the coat, inserted a new zipper, and sewed it closed again.  This is how I added pockets....

Here is the coat after I fixed the zipper

I picked open a small area of the side seam

Pinned the back to hide the seam and sewed

For the front (pocket) edge, I rolled a narrow hem

I traced a pocket shape with an air erase marker

And pinned around the line to hold the layers together

Sew on the lines!

YAY!  Pockets!

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