Monday, November 12, 2012

Coat Rack Shelf

We got a shelf from a friend.  I decided that it would make a good coat rack for by the front door in the living room.  In order for it to be by the door, I had to move the two shelves that were already there.  I also decided to tackle the shoe clutter problem at the same time. 

The kids' shoes kept falling between the rods on the shoe rack

Enter the old mesh bin

salvaged parts

mesh sleeves for the shelves = no more shoes falling through

The shoe rack is below the new shelf

This is the new home for one of the shelves

Here is the other shelf that was moved in its new location

The shelf.  Isn't it pretty?

Stain added- bottom

Stain added - top


Hooks and hung

Close up of the hooks


Amy :) said...

What a clever solution to the shoe shelf problem! :)

Lisa said...

Awesome! Way to use what you have! It amazes me how the right 'tools' (a couple appropriate shelves, in this case) make keeping things neat SO much easier.