Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Part 3: Downtown Trick-or-Treating

Most of the downtown stores and businesses participate in Trick-or-Treating from 3:30 to 5:00 (there are some out-lying ones that participate, also, but we usually stick to the ones all in the one area)
We picked the kids up from school since their bus doesn't get home until 4:40.  We started Trick-or-Treating at 4:00 and were done by 4:50.  I think it was the fastest we've ever done it! It was cold (~37°) and misty.  I forgot the girls' dress shoes and Will's fireman hat and boots, BUT I remembered gloves for everyone ☺

Just starting out...

I brought 3 different costumes for Will to pick from as I'm never sure
what he's going to find embarassing at that particular moment!

The girls used their Civil War capes.
 It fit with Emi's costume, but even though
Alice in Wonderland didn't wear a cape, I figured
it was more "costume-y" than her winter coat!

Since it was a Wednesday, Dan had the day off and could come with

City Hall/Fire Station/Police Station
When the kids walked up, the lady said, "How may I help you today,"
just as if it were a normal day with someone walking up. 
I thought it was kind of funny.

♥ Hedgehog ♥

The poor tortoise wasn't doing much it was so cold.

I got to pet the hedgehog

We ran into my sister and family.
Her "costume" is the hat that I made for her ☺

I didn't get the picture until they turned to go.

Heading back to the car with very chilly kids.

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