Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First Clay Sculpted Baby

I had been wanting to try and see if I could sculpt a baby that actually resembled a human and not an alien.  I have a ways to go, but here is my first attempt:

Head before baking

I wrapped a moist towel around the hair while I baked it


Left side

Right Side

Hair.  I attached the hair with strips of clay. 
I'll try a different way next time.

All the pieces



While I was trying to attach the head, the flange broke off :(

So I tried to poke a hole to sew it on with, and the neck started to crack!

So I added more clay and made a new flange.
I made it nice and sturdy, but it almost didn't fit in the top of the body!

All together

It's jointed

With the little jammies I made. 
I trimmed some fabric off the neckline as I thought it was going to be too long. 
I guess I was wrong!

1 comment:

Ryan and Sandra said...

Great attempt, Becky! I know I could never do so well! You really are very crafty even if you doubt your own talents!

I've made quite a number of aliens myself and have no hopes of creating anything as human-like as your little doll ;)

~cousin Sandra