Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a sock monkey out of 2 pairs of anklet socks

I found some socks that I thought would make cute sock monkeys.  Unfortunately, they were very short and didn't have any part that would come up the leg (if you were wearing them) so there wasn't anything to use for the legs.  I decided to buy 2 matching pairs of the socks and see if I could get it to work!

Here is how I did it:
Take 2 pairs of anklet socks

Cut off the top just under the heel on 1 sock

Cut off just the ribbing on 1 sock

On the sock that you cut off under the heel, cut from the toe to the opening
NOTE:  I would suggest starting at the toe and cutting to within 1" of the top where you cut off the heel (leaving an uncut band at the top)

Pin the 2 socks' cut edges together lining up the top and bottom of the socks

Sew ¼" from edge all the way around

This is what you end up with

Turn it inside out with the heel on top

Sew.  Clicking the picture will enlarge it making it easier to see the marks.
I ended up with more left over pieces having to use 2 pairs.

Turn right side out

This is why I would leave the 1" band uncut at the top


I also had to sew this extra area shut, too

Sew him together

Here is the seam along the belly where the 2 socks were attached together

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