Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Sculpting

I don't really know why I decided to try sculpting other than it looked like something I maybe could do and so I wanted to try. I didn't really need something else to do!

Well, today (or rather yesterday since it's currently 1:50 am - can't sleep, so I'm blogging!) I hadn't intended on doing any sculpting, but somehow I found myself digging out the clay! "Maybe I'll condition some clay for another time" ...Well, before I knew it, I was forming a ball of clay into a head..."Well, maybe I'll make a tiny 3" baby"...."Okay so the head is 1½" tall, not so proportional for a 3" baby. I guess I'm making a 6" baby again!" "Well, then I'll practice rooting hair into the clay"...Nope this head is saying it needs to be bald!

This is what ended up coming together:

He ended up looking up with his back sort of arched

This is the same footed sleeper I made for my 1st sculpt

The eyes are the hardest, I think, and I put his nose up to high

Since I never posted about the 2nd baby I made, here are pictures of her:

All 3 of my clay babies

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Ryan and Sandra said...

Nice work, Becky! I think you're improving--it's fun to see....