Monday, January 30, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a sock monkey out of one knee high sock

I found a pair of knee high socks that I wanted to use for a sock monkey.  I figured that there had to be a way to get a sock monkey out of only 1 sock since to use both socks on 1 monkey would mean LOTS of left over scraps. 

Here is how I did it:

Take 1 sock ☺

Turn it inside out so the heel is on top

Sew the pieces. 
If you click on the picture it should be easier to see the marks

Cut the pieces apart

This is all that I had as extras!

Turn right side out


Sew him together - Ta da!


Valerie said...

The monkey is gorgeous! Very good use of a sock!

kidsinvite said...

Wow, so cute sock monkey. We tried to make one from this instructions, and it is fun!

Amy :) said...

How cute, Becky, and way to use the whole sock!! :)