Saturday, May 12, 2018

Craft Show Disappointments

A friend from church told us about a craft show at the TSC (Tractor Supply Company) near us. It was free to have a booth and we had been having beautiful weather, so we figured it was a win-win situation. The last few days, however, have been rainy and chilly. The forecast for today looked a bit chilly, but at least no rain. There ended up only being 4 booths and it was quite windy. So it felt really cold and our stuff kept blowing around. Between my stuff, the things the kids were selling, and the dishcloths we had for my mom, we made $28. But since we didn't pay anything for the spot, it was all profit, so there is that. It was just a little disappointing to sit there all day and freeze without much to show for it.

The booth next to us had some bunnies and the kids held them and cuddled with them. Will ended up with a rash on his cheek and neck, so apparently he's allergic to rabbits!

Will's rash from holding the bunny. The picture doesn't show it very well.

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