Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Ice Brings More Winter

It feels as if we skipped over Spring and went from Winter to Summer. The kids have had their school year extended 2 days because we had too many "inclement weather" days, the latest of which was April 16th. The storm started on Friday with regular rain, it switched over to freezing rain and sleet on Saturday. Sunday brought more of the same. We ended up with mostly sleet, so it looked like it had snowed, but it was little ice pellets. It was weird to walk through as the little pellets would scatter unlike snow. Our church cancelled all services and we rarely cancel. Dan called off from work Sunday night and school was cancelled for Monday. We just hunkered down and stayed put.

Saturday at 10:45:

Saturday at 1:55


The daffodils


Little ice pellets

We dug out beads and wire and other jewelry making supplies.


We got a little more snow.

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