Friday, June 13, 2014

Emily's Field Trip

The 3rd graders from the school went on a field trip to Blandford Nature Center.  Because Emily's class is half 3rd graders, she got to go as well.  It was raining pretty hard on the way to school, but we only got rain for about 20-30 minutes of our time at the nature center (at least that we were outside for).  It was, however, sort of dark and dreary, so the pictures reflect that.

Emily is the 'bee'.  She is supposed to be pollinating, but she is stinging them instead!




Emily called me over and said she saw something in the grass.  She said she thought it was a snake based on how it moved.  One of the other dads came over and said she was right and pointed out the snake on the wood pile.  Soon, other students came over to see and they scared about a dozen more snakes out of the grass!  The snakes mostly headed for a hole in the side of the log house.  (The rest of the pictures are snake related, so stop now if you don't want to see ☺)

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