Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Discussion Group with Amelia Rhodes

Our Sunday School teacher's wife organized a book discussion group for the ladies in our class.  We had our first "meeting" in February and have met every other month since then.  This month, we decided to read "Isn't it Time for a Coffee Break" by Amelia Rhodes.  So we met at the new Biggby Coffee shop in a nearby town.  We had the privilege of having Amelia come and join us for our group. ☺ It was a lot of fun talking and laughing.  We had a couple of visitors for this meeting.

The book is really good and written in a very easy to read, conversational style.  I really enjoyed reading it and getting to meet Amelia was fun. 


Marge Jones said...

i think it is so fun when you can meet the author of a book you've read! Sounds as if it was a fun time!

Tammy said...

It was a nice evening! I'm glad it worked out for Amelia to come! And I'm glad someone had a camera for a group picture! :)