Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ground Breaking

Our church is about to start a building project to add on a fellowship hall.  Sunday was supposed to be the official ground breaking ceremony and my kids were really looking forward to it and getting the chance to "ground break".

Sunday morning, we drove out to church to find the parking lot empty and a note on the door saying that services were cancelled for the day due to a power outage.  The kids were so disappointed and wondered if they'd do the ground breaking next week instead.

The power ended up coming back on during the afternoon, so we ended up having evening church.  The kids had high hopes for being able to do the ground breaking after all.  The weather had other plans as it started raining!  By the time church was done, it was only sprinkling,  but we just had a prayer of dedication inside and called it good.

Needless to say, I had some disappointed kids, so we found a dust pan to use as a shovel and the kids each got a turn to "ground break".

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