Thursday, April 24, 2014

Book Review: "101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation"

I received a free copy of "101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation" illustrated by Dan Andreasen from Zondervan in order for me to review it as part of the  ZonderKidz Z Blog Squad. 

The book has a nice sturdy cover with glossy pages.  It takes stories from the Bible and tells them in a child friendly and easy to understand way.  Each is no longer than a page in length and each is accompanied by an illustration.  Dan Andreasen's pictures look like watercolor paintings and enhance the stories.

This book would be wonderful to read to younger kids or for elementary students to read for themselves.  There is a presentation page for it to be used as a gift and I think that would be a wonderful thing to give to a child.

As soon as the book came in the mail, my 8 year old daughter grabbed it and read it straight through!  She wanted to write her own review, which is as follows:

I  read  101  bible  stories  from  creation  to  revelation.  Here  are  some  stories  from  the  book.  I  will  tell my  favorite  story  first.  My  favorite  stories  are  Daniel  and  the  lions, Queen  Esther, Mary  visits  Elizabeth, An  angel's  visits, Joseph's  dream, Wise  men  from  the  east, Jesus  visits  his  father's  house, Tempted  in  the  wilderness, Come  follow  me, The  story  of  seeds, A  frightening  storm, He  walks  on  water, The  good  Samaritan, Mary   and  Martha, A  lost  lamb, A  widow's  gift, The  good  shepherd, Mary's  gift, The  Lord's  supper, Pilate  and  Herod, A  big  catch  of  fish, Paul's  shipwreck  Adventure,  The  Holy  City, Jesus  is  coming  back! (You  should  really  read  it  sometime,  it's  a  really,  great  book!) The  very  first  book  is  called, Let  there  be  light!  The  last  is  called, Jesus  is  coming  back! The  first  in  the  new  testament  is, An  angel's  visit! The  last  in  the  old  testament  is, Jonah  and  the  big  fish. Mary  visits  Elizabeth  is  in  the  middle  book.

"101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation" is available on Amazon for $9.35

Publish DateFeb 4, 2014
Physical Length8.25
Physical Width6.25

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