Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Medieval History Memory Game by The Classical Historian

My kids love games.  Board games, card games, computer games, action games, gym games, made up games....  You get the picture.  So when we got the chance to review "Medieval History Memory Game" by The Classical Historian, we were excited!  We have 4 other versions of memory games, so they are very familiar with how the classic memory game works.   The memory games from The Classical Historian have a 2nd way to play as well:  

Categories:    This game teaches geography and association skills.  Place four Category Tiles (Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia) at the top of the playing area. Mix up the 64 Matching tiles.  One player says, "Go!" and starts timing. The other player places all tiles under the correct tile. The person with the fastest time wins. For wrong placement, add 10 seconds per tile.This is appropriate for ages 8 and older and requires some knowledge of history.  Follow our instructions page for the Answer Key!  

I liked how it made the game playable for older kids and made the game usable for more years.

The tiles are sturdy cardboard with crisp, clear artwork.  They come in perforated sheets of 6 tiles that you need to punch out before you can play the game.  

When we laid out the tiles in an 8 x 8 grid like the instructions stated, we had 8 tiles left over!  I figured it was the Category Tiles that made us have too many, but since there were 2 of each of them, we just played with all 72 tiles and made matches with the Category Tiles as well.   

As each tile was turned over, I would read the caption for each picture and give a brief explanation of what each was..."The Pope-He is the head of the Catholic Church"  "William Shakespeare-He was an author who wrote plays"

One somewhat silly thing I really liked about Medieval Memory Game was the size of the box!  It was 8"x5½", just big enough for the tiles to all fit.  So many times, the box for a game is so much larger than it really needs to be and then you have to have this big box to store somewhere.  With the box being compact, it didn't take up so much space!

The Classical Historian carries 3 versions of Memory Games:

  1. Medieval History
  2. Ancient History
  3. American History
They also carry 3 versions of Go Fish games for ages 5+:
  1. Medieval History
  2. Ancient History
  3. American History
The Memory Games are $14.95 each or all 3 for $39.95.  The Go Fish games are $11.95 each or all 3 for $29.95.  You can also get all 6 games for $59.95.  I found these prices to be similar to other games of the same type.

The Classical Historian also offers history curriculum for grades 6-12, American History flashcards, California History for grades K-6, and online classes.  

I received the Memory Game free in exchange for my testing and review of the product.  I did not receive any other form of compensation.

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