Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review: "The Outcast" by Jolina Petersheim

"Rachel Stoltzfus never imagined she'd be the talk of her Old Order Mennonite community until whispers stir the moment her belly swells with new life. Unmarried and refusing to repent by naming the partner in her sin, Rachel feels the wrath of the religious sect as she is shunned by those she loves most and eventually forced to leave--driven out by her twin's husband, the bishop. 

But secrets run deep in this cloistered community, and the bishop is hiding some of his own, threatening his conscience and his very soul. When the life of Rachel’s baby is at stake,  choices must be made that will bring the darkness to light, forever changing the lives of those who call Copper Creek home." (taken from the back of the book)

The front cover of the book calls "The Outcast" "a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter".  I have never read "The Scarlet Letter" but I was familiar with the main story line of the story.  
I don't know how closely "The Outcast" follows the story line of "The Scarlet Letter" or if Jolina Petersheim even intended it to.  

I read the book in two days because I couldn't put it down!  I found myself frustrated for Rachel and her plight and wishing for a resolution to her predicament.  I rejoiced with her when she found the redemption that she desired.  

Besides the main story line of Rachel's illegitimate son, other characters had issues and problems that they, too, needed to resolve and overcome.  I really liked the depth of the characters and how they felt like real people that were your friends.

I found it interesting that the book was told in the first person point of view from Rachel at times and at times from the vantage point of Heaven told by the recently deceased bishop Amos King.  It took a little getting used to this style, but it fit the story well.

I recommend this story to adults of all kinds!  It was an easy book to read and I found it to be enjoyable.

Binding:     Softcover
List Price:
Release Date:
July 2013
Page Count:
Trim Size:
5 1/2 x 8 1/4

You can buy "The Outcast" from Amazon, & Barnes & Noble  for $11.20.

I received a free copy of "The Outcast" by Jolina Petersheim from Tydale in exchange for my honest review.  I did not receive any other form of compensation. 


Ed & Dottie said...

Sounds good now I know why you had your nose in a book during the yard sale. :)

Jolina Petersheim said...

Hello, Becky! Thank you so much for your kind review. It means so much.