Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review: "A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear"

A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear

"A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear" is a 7 day devotional.  I wasn't able to read it every day for a week, so it took me longer to go through it, but I don't think that took away from the book.   I think you could do it once a week, too, if you wanted.

The author talks about her struggles with fear caused by being assaulted by a intruder.  While I do not have a similar background, I found the truths in the book to be applicable anyway.

The end of each chapter lists the main points of the chapter, followed by a prayer, and a Bible verse.  I liked how it brought it back to the Bible.

One part of the book that I found particularly useful was that when fear or worry starts to come to the forefront of your mind, to mentally yell, "STOP".  It is a concrete way to "take every thought captive".

I received a free e-copy of "A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear" in exchange for my honest review.

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