Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Septic Troubles & Missing Teeth

The last week of January, I heard water running in the bathroom and went to investigate and found water pouring from the toilet. There was also about 5" of water in the bottom of the tub.

We had to cut the PVC pipe in order to use the pipe snake.

Besides the clog, we also had to empty the septic tank (thankfully it was before the blizzard, or we would have had a lot of snow to move!!)

The new clean out valve

Sarah also lost another tooth that day (her 3rd)

William with the last remnants of a black eye from bumping into a chair while crawling around.

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Amy :) said...

Ugh! The joys of septic tanks, huh? Wow, I never realized you guys had a septic tank... but I suppose maybe you're not exactly "in town", so that makes sense.

Isn't it fun having kids losing teeth? I remember being the ones losing teeth, so it's just so surreal to be the mom this time 'round! Naomi has lost 6 teeth but has slowed down... she's for sure the earliest of our kids to have lost so many.