Saturday, January 19, 2008

So Much Knitting, So Little Time!

I have so many projects that I want to do and feel like I will never finish what I'm working on to start the next one!

Currently, I'm working on a pair of pants for Sarah using the Purple & Yellow Purewool. I have Emily's pair done and still need to make William's pair. I'll have to get a picture of them to add!

I would also like to make a scarf for Dan using the Caron Simply Soft yarn in stipes of blue and white.

The yarn at the bottom of my yarn stash tub is for socks for me (and maybe the kids since I got 2 skeins of each color). I haven't ever made socks before and am going to try toe-up socks two at a time!


tatt3r said...

Good Luck on the Sock Knitting! Here are some sock knitting links I've found helpful:

Baby sock, cuff down, but a good place to start.

Socknitters has lessons for toe up socks and socks on circular needles. Lots of good explanations.

Hope this helps!

Amy :) said...

Wow, Becky, I am so amazed at all the projects you do! I am working on crocheting some "hippie-ish" flowers (with Marissa) to hang on the girls' bedroom walls.

Well, that is, I *was* working on them until we got possession of the house last week! Lately, I've been sanding cabinets, spackling walls, ordering doors, etc. But, I will pick up the crocheting again once we're settled in!

I love seeing your projects! Enjoy knitting!

your sis,
Amy :)