Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We took the girls sledding for the first time on Sunday.

Waiting for a turn to go down the hill.

Dan & Emily on the way down.

Sarah and I going down.

Dan & Sarah coming back up the hill.

Emily was just as excited (or maybe more) about the airplane flying over.

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Amy :) said...

Looks fun! David's first time sledding was on a hill next to Matt's elementary school, where he used to sled when he was a kid.

We went a week before Jessica was born... we must have been slightly *nuts* to do that when I was nearly full-term! But we all went sledding that day, and it was so fun! :)

We have video of that day, and it has made for some great memories over the years when we've pulled it out to watch. :)

Thanks for sharing the photos!
Amy :)