Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snowman Family

The weather was warmer the other day, so the snow was good for making snowmen.
I bundled up the kids and we went outside.

Sarah is making her own "brother" snowman.

William really enjoyed making snowmen! I was going to wait for him to be napping before we went out so I could leave him inside, but he didn't want to nap-until we got outside!

We started out to make just one snowman and then added a "Mommy" snowman, so then we had to have a "baby" snowman. I decided we might as well make a snowman for each of the people in our family.

Emily is pointing to the "Emily" snowman.

Emily is patting the "William" snowman (who is lying down since William, the person, can't sit or stand!)

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Amy :) said...

Cute! Those photos are precious. It looks so pretty there!

Amy :)