Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christmas in September

We got a new refrigerator! We had a power surge problem during a recent storm and a bunch of things got fried, including the refrigerator. Well, God provided a really nice one that is even nicer than our old one.

It was kind of hard to get a good picture because there isn't much room since the stove is right across from the fridge! (The old one's door took up the whole space!)

Right after the delivery guys from Sears drove out, in drove the FedEx truck!

It was the "preemie" size prefold diapers that I had ordered. The yellow lump in the bag is my lanolin for treating my wool soakers.

They were very stiff and thin feeling, so I threw them in to wash them.

This is after one washing and drying.

Now after 2 washing and dryings.

After 3 washing and dryings. It doesn't look much different than after 2, but they are supposed to get softer with each use.

Now they are all folded up and ready to go in William's room.

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mattswife1990 said...

VERY nice! How do you like your new fridge? I was just wondering how everything was going after your appliances were fried. I'm glad to see you've got a nice, new fridge! :)

Isn't it fun to get all the little things ready and into place before a baby is born? I remember always marvelling when looking at those newborn clothes at how small they really are when they're born.

Especially once we'd had one baby already and seen how he'd grown. When I kissed David goodbye before we headed to the hospital to have Jessica, I remember thinking how big he was going to seem the next time I saw him. And he did! (and he really was still a baby himself when she was born!) They change *so* fast, don't they...?

Enjoy! :)